Compost, wood bark and aggregates

wood bark
Wood bark, aggregates and rubber chip can all be used as a mulch or as a path .
Depending on the look you are going for and the level of maintenance you are looking for each has its merits.
Each of these products can be delivered in a bulk bag usually a cubic metre or smaller bags which are easier to handle.
For details and prices please contact us and we will provide either pictures or samples to help you decide which is best for you.
As well as supplying the product we can also apply the chosen material.
Please note that it is worth investing in landscape material to lay on on the surface before laying aggregates or mulch.
Relatively inexpensive this stops weeds growing up through the surface material and stops this being trodden into the ground.

The most popular choices.
  • decorative wood bark
  • slate - green, grey or plum
  • gravel
  • pea shingle
  • green granite
  • rubber bark or chip


We supply a very good quality organic, peat free compost that works well in all situations.

Three 75 litre bags delivered in Wallington, Sutton, Worcester Park or Epsom for £15

Ericaceous compost 25 litre £3.50

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Phone: 0963434761

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