Plants for dry shade.

To help you decide which plants to include in your garden I have put together a small list of the most common plants for specific conditions.
Ajuga reptans - Bugle ajuga

Bergenia cordifolia - Elephant's ears bergenia

Buxus sempervirens - Common box box

Cotoneaster dammeri - Cotoneaster cotoneaster

Euonymus fortunei  euonymus

Geranium macrorrhizum, phaeum, pyrenaicum, sanguineum geranium

Helleborus × hybridus helleborus

Lamium maculatum 'Beacon Silver' - Dead nettle lamium

Sarcococca confusa sarcococca

Skimmia japonica subsp. reevesiana skimmia

Viburnum tinus virburnum

Vinca minor vinca

Alchemilla mollis - Lady's mantle alchemilla

Liriope muscari lillyturf

Anemone blanda Wood Anemone anemone
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