Plants for dry sunny positions.

To help you decide which plants to include in your garden I have put together a small list of the most common plants for specific conditions.

Achillea achillea

Agapanthus agapanthus

Artemisia artemisia

Aster aster

Cordyline cordyline

Geraniums geranium

Crocosmia (montbretia) crocosmia

Delphinium delphinium

Echinacea echinacea

Erica - Heather heather

Sea Holly sea holy

Euphorbia - spurge euphorbia

Alchemilla mollis - Lady's mantle mollis

Blue fescue blue fescue

Iris iris

Kniphofia – red hot poker red hot poker

Sweet peas sweet pea

Lavender lavender

Lupins lupins

Philadelphus – mock orange choisya

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