Gabion cubes.


Gabions are made from galvanised steel wire, formed into mesh panels and fixed together to create a box-like structure. They are immensely strong when filled with large granular material such as rock, slate, granite or stone, and can be linked together in a variety of configurations to form a fixed wall or barrier. Gabions are easy to assemble, quick to fill and require no specialist foundations. Use them to recycle unwanted garden rubble, concrete, broken slabs etc. Simply fill two thirds of the back of the gabion with your waste rubble, then line the front third with your chosen fascia material such as pebbles, slate, stone, bottles or logs to create your desired finish

Alternately fill with pebbles, rocks, bottles or anything that takes your fancy and turn them into seating, planters, water features even a coffee table.

Looking for something really unusual why not turn a gabion cage into a hanging basket.
Line the sides with horticultural sheeting and fill with compost, then slit the material and plant through into the soil
With gabions the only limit is your imagination - add lights, plants, bottles anything can be used to great effect.

gabions gabions

Sizes and Prices

300x300x300mm £17 plus shipping

300x300x600mm £22 plus shipping

450x450x450mm £26 plus shipping

450x450x600mm £28 plus shipping

Please contact us regarding your order and we will work out the cost of shipping for you. email me

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