Gazebos - amazing quality for gardens or commercial use.

Built to last .
The canopy is 100% waterproof and can stand temperature extremes from -30 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius.
Snow build up isn't a problem as the smooth outer surface generally cause the snow to slip off as the temperature starts to rise - however, an assembled canopy can support the weight of an average grown man.

The metal fixings, nuts and bolts are made from 304 stainless steel to give strength and an almost unlimited life.
Wind is the main enemy of gazebos. Our Gazebos are certified to withstand wind speeds up to 27 metres per second - that s a force nine gale to you and me.

Sizes .
  • 3 metres x 3 metres
  • 3 metres x 4 metres
  • 3 metres x 6 metres

Gazebos are ideal as:

  • garden gazebos
  • hot tub gazebos
  • car ports
  • smoking shelters
  • at wedding venues
  • outdoor classrooms

Please contact us regarding your order and we will work out the cost of shipping for you. email me

Contact Information

Phone: 07963434761

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